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Israeli Hi-Tech Dispute Resolution Institute

Israel is well known as The Start up nation. The Israeli high-tech market is dynamic, fast growing but also saturated with passions and emotions, mainly due to the fact that entrepreneurs invest their soul and energy into their ventures As a result, disputes in the high-tech world are often also full of emotions. In addition, significant gaps in the power relations between various parties in the industry are sometimes evident. On the one hand – the investors or funds, and on the other hand – the entrepreneurs.

HDRI was established with the aim of being a professional, high-quality, and accessible alternative for the high-tech sector and startups to resolve complicated and highly emotional conflicsts, and is a balanced body that allows, unlike the courts, to voice the emotional side of the process and offers solutions that will address this need.

HDRI The Israeli Hi-Tech Dispute Resolution Institute is headed by advocate Mimi Zemah, one of the pioneers in the Israeli hi-tech industry, was established to meet the growing need for dispute settlement in the hi-tech industry in Israel, which has frequently led to the failure of potentially-successful ventures. The Institute, which was founded based on the understanding that the business time in the technology and hi-tech industries is immeasurably faster than the time required in legal or other judicial proceedings, has established efficiency, creativity, confidentiality, and speed as its guiding principles. HDRI’s vision is to bring about an efficient and immediate resolution to any conflict, based on experience and recognizing the needs of the parties, to the extent possible in one mediation session, in a relaxed business setting, which preserves a trusting and amicable relationship that enables the continued joint work of all parties concerned.

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