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Vehicles and Transportation

Our office has the leading practice in Israel – exceptional in its scope – in the field of vehicles and transportation. Adv. Udi Schneider, who leads this unique work in our firm, has over 30 years of experience in the field and has expertise in the regulation of import, marketing and service of vehicles in Israel.

The lawyers in our firm regularly represent the Israel Vehicle Importers Association, the largest organization of vehicle importers in Israel, including importers of electric vehicles, two-wheelers and importers of mechanical engineering equipment, as well as some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

Our firm’s comprehensive and unique knowledge in the field of vehicles and transportation, together with our expertise in related issues that we make available to our clients, positions our firm as a “one stop shop” that provides clients with complete council, including commercial advice, litigation including class actions, taxation, competition law, consumer protection law, environmental law, real estate law and infrastructure investments. Our firm is involved in all the major events and developments happening in the Israeli automotive and transportation market, including representing importers in obtaining new franchise licenses, expanding electric vehicle imports and other related topics such as installing and operating charging stations. Thanks to our expansive and unique expertise in the field, we are the first stop for any company engaged in the automotive and transportation industry seeking to conduct business activity in Israel.

As an integral part of the service we provide to clients, the attorneys at our firm analyze and negotiate distribution agreements with vehicle manufacturers, handle the attaining of licenses required for import from the various authorities, and advise on ongoing import, marketing and service issues related to vehicles in Israel.

Our firm’s legal practice in matters of regulation includes, among other things, representing clients in the field of vehicles and transportation before the Israeli Ministry of Transportation and its various divisions, the Israeli Parliament and its various committees, the Competition Authority, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and more. Our office closely accompanied the Israel Vehicle Importers Association before the Economic Affairs Committee of the Israeli Parliament regarding the enactment of the “Services and Profession’s Licensing in the Vehicle Industry Law”, the enactment of regulations under the Licensing Law, and other legislative procedures in related fields.

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