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We have built a specific practice tailored to handling and negotiating with regulatory requirements of the Israeli authorities, a procatice that has proven invaluable in all types of transactions, from real-estate to mergers and acquisitions and more. The scope of our regulatory practice includes representing our clients before the Israeli Parliament – the ‘Knesset’ – and its committees, before planning and construction councils and committees and assorted government ministries. We have broad experience in anti-trust law, and have a 100% success rate in proceedings for the approval of the Anti-Trust Commissioner on numerous transactions.

We specialize in the regulation of the import and marketing of motor-vehicles, including related antitrust laws and standard contracts laws,. As part of this practice, we represent some of the largest motor vehicle importers in Israel.


We specialize in the regulation of the import and marketing of motor-vehicles, including related Antitrust Laws and Standard Contracts Laws. As part of this practice, we represent the Israeli Vehicle Importers Association and some of the largest motorvehicle importers in Israel.Our broad accumulated knowledge in the proceedings and the laws of the motor-vehicle industry has proven invaluable to our clients. We accompany our clients from obtaining an import license, through the daily operation of marketing motorvehicles and all related commercial transactions. We have recentlyrepresented the Israeli Vehicle Importers Association before the Economic Affairs Committee of the Knesset in the matter of a governmental bill of law known as Services and Profession’s
Licensing of the Vehicle Industry Law, 5776-2016.


We regularly advise, including through the provision of legal opinions, clients of a variety of fields on day-to- day antitrust compliance issues. We provide advice on antitrust and competition law relating to transactions, and to merger control, abusive behavior, restrictive arrangements and regulation of cartels, monopolies and oligopolies. We also maintain contact with officials in the Antitrust Authority and represent our clients on matters before the Antitrust Commissioner, including procedures involving the approvals of mergers and acquisitions, pre-ruling opinions, exemptions for restrictive arrangements and administrative inquiries, and also in private Antitrust litigation.

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