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Our Litigation Department specializes in all aspects of corporate disputes. Holding a strong belief that disputes are almost always better resolved outside the courts, our litigation lawyers seek to understand the incentives behind every dispute, in order to assess if there is a way to resolve the dispute in an amicable fashion, or whether circumstances dictate otherwise. We have a solid track record of reaching fast, effective, practical and long lasting resolutions through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Where circumstances justify litigation, our lawyers will present and defend the interests of our client professionally, with precision, and diligence throughout the litigation and until a final decision.


Our Litigation Department handles complex commercial disputes in all areas of business, commercial, civil, and administrative law, before all judicial tribunals. We advise our clients throughout the dispute, from pre-litigation strategies to close, in-depth and professional legal advice on trial appearances and tactics, taking into account the clients’ goals and business needs.


Our firm has a special knowledge and experience in class actions that span a multitude of different subject areas, including false advertising, unfair business practices, products liability, financial services, labor and employment matters, antitrust, and environmental law. We’ve built a reputation for regularly winning early dismissals of cases, at the prior stage of approving the class action suits.


We provide a wide range of dispute resolution services, including arbitration, mediation and other forums of alternative dispute resolutions (outside the framework of the courts.) Our professional attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in arbitrations and in related trial and appellate court proceedings.

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