We Are Providing Legal Support to Startups Affected by the ‘Iron Swords’ War. For Further Details, Please Contact Us by Clicking this Banner.


We have extensive experience addressing the legal and business issues of the High-Tech industry. Our experience includes working with companies from all over the High-Tech sectors, including developing mobile applications, educational software, enterprise software, resource planning, translation application, cyber, security software, cloud computing software, internet software, medical devices, life science, augmented reality, and much more.


We provide a broad range of services to emerging companies in technology, life sciences, medical devices and more. Our services include a deep understanding of how to incorporate the entity on hand, its finance andguidance to the founders at all stages- from initial funding through IPOs and mergers. We also render guidance on business model issues, fundraising strategy and development of quality investor materials.


We advise entrepreneurs regularly by providing legal and commercial solutions at all stages of their ventures.We provide guidance to entrepreneurs and their companies involved in capital raising transactions, founders’ agreements, option plans, relationships with boards of directors and investors and more. We provide legal consultancy that is specifically customized for start-up companies and strive to provide professional and creative solutions to the challenges that face them.


We represent a variety of venture capital funds on all of their investments in portfolio companies, and provide unique services to pre-seed and seed enterprises and advise them from their perspective on their contemplated investments from venture capital funds, private angels and technological incubators and in venture lending transactions.

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